Desktop Computers

The business world uses desktop computers in situations where a laptop or tablet won't suit the needs. Architects, accountants,  and administrative professionals all need the benefits that a system with a custom-sized screen, robust video card, and full-size keyboard can give you.

Notebook Computers

Notebook computers (laptops) offer portability and power. For traveling business and creative professionals, laptops allow you to have access to your documents and other data you need to get your job done.


Sometimes, size matters. Some customers need a larger screen. Sometimes, a lighter notebook will take the load off.

Customized for You

With a national manufacturer located in Hillsboro Oregon, we have the power to specify your ideal computer. Rather than an off-the-shelf pre-built system, AJL Tech will design your desktop system.

Why? Some customers need  bigger file storage capacity. Some customers need a better video card. Some customers don't need all the bells and whistles.

You have the power to create the computer you need to get the job done.

Contact AJL Tech to get started. 

Hardware and Software

  AJL Tech uses and recommends genuine Intel® processors and the Microsoft Windows® operating system.  

Technology Services

Virus and Malware Removal

There is a difference between a virus and spyware. They are like the cold and flu. Both bad for the body, but fixed by different methods. Antivirus software won't always protect you from the latest round of spyware circulating out there. All-in-one solutions don't really work as well as a customized solution.

Did a strange pop-up appear on your screen? Did you get a call from "Microsoft" who noticed odd activity on your account? Did they offer to dial in and "fix" your system? Contact me. I'll fix what they did and get you back online!

System Maintenance

Over time, computers get slow. The websites we visit, and the Windows updates that don't always work, will clog your system. I can help you streamline your system, and speed it up so you can work at your full potential

Computer Networking

Keep your business data in one place to allow for efficient data backup. Share your information with other users who need to collaborate on your projects. Restrict information so that only you can see it. Networking is powerful and doesn't need to be complex.